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Our Story

Prime & Beyond

From farm to table, we spare no expense in bringing our customers the highest quality meat. We only serve USDA Prime meat. USDA Prime certification standards are stringent; it is the highest grade beef available on the market, and comprises only 3% of all beef produced in the US. After hand selecting the finest cuts from this grade, we dry-age our beef for a minimum of seven weeks on premises in climate controlled coolers. Dry-aging is both an intensive and expensive process, but it is the best way to bring out the natural flavors and accentuate the tenderness of the meat.

All the steaks we serve are at the pinnacle of this aging process, cut to order, and presented to our customers for inspection before cooking them in our open kitchen. While our steaks need no accompaniment, Prime and Beyond also pays homage to its owners’ heritage and offers a unique steakhouse experience by serving a variety of Korean dishes. Come in any day of the week to take a tour of our in-house aging facilities, chat with our butchers, and enjoy the most flavorful and meticulously prepared steak in the area.